Colour plays a very important role in determining how you look and feel. As a busy mom, you probably don’t have time nor money to leisurely learn about colour associations so that you can use colours to make yourself look & feel fabulousness. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to help you out.

Colourful flower/rose 10 Fabulous Facts About Colours Every Woman Wants To Know Now


Historically, black symbolises authority and discipline. Black absorbs all colour and light, so it is the absence of light. Black is linked to many positive associations such as the creative process. Seeds need darkness/blackness to germinate. Other positive associations are: formal, sophisticated (tuxedo and basic black dress), sexy, black lace, black satin sheets and the dark lighting desired by romantics. Negative associations include: evil, black-ball, despair, grief and blackmail. Black is a slimming and concealing colour. So to look slimmer and to hide any unflattering areas, wearing black does the job!


White-symbolises totality and “oneness.” When worn with other colours, white appears to brighten them. Popular positive associations are purity, goodness, and knowledge. Wear white to brighten other colours and make them pop!

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 3. RED

Red is extremely stimulating, “bossy” and commands attention: Red is associated with love, party dresses, stop-signs, and sensual lips. Eve was attracted to the red apple, and restaurant owners have long known that vivid red goblets, tablecloths and rugs stimulate both the appetite and mood of diners. Red is the colour of vigour, excitement, passion, sensuality, courage, and symbolises lust, anger and blood on the person being caught red-handed. Adults, children and bulls are attracted to this amazing attention grabbing vibration. Wearing red makes you stand out for all the right reasons.


Orange is the most energetic of all the colours. It symbolises the sun, autumn and radiant energy. It signifies strength and endurance and is associated with happiness, fun and friendship. Fast food restaurants use orange to get customers to “eat and run” for quick turnover. Orange is a secondary colour but is often eclipsed by red due to the popularity of common phrases such as red hair, red clay, red fire and red sky, which are all arguably orange. This vibrant colour hardly has any negative associations. That’s why no one gets orange with envy, or with rage. It’s never said that someone has a nasty orange streak. Usually, children or people with high energy wear orange.


Yellow is the brightest of the colours and is commonly associated with intelligence. It is a mental stimulant, which is why maintenance trucks, caution signs for school buses, legal scratch pads and warning hazards on the edges of steps are all yellow. Yellow usually encourages inspiration and a sunny disposition. Unfortunately, yellow soils easily. Yellow stands for cheerfulness, is a favourite of advertisers and the enlightened Buddhists who wear yellow saffron robes. Yellow is a difficult colour for people to wear because of warm skin tones. Download your FREE printable to learn all about skin tones.



Green stands for the rebirth in the spring and the power of nature. It divides the warm and cool colours; being a mixture of happy yellow and tranquil blue, it represents emotional balance. Green is relaxing on the eyes. Although it is nature’s greatest healing colour found in parks, trees, grass and herbs for rest and refreshment, it is also the colour of mould, sickness, bruises and poisoning. This colour can represent both freshness and decay. Wearing the right shade of green can make you look rested and refreshed. On the other hand, wearing the wrong shade can make you look sick. So it’s important to get it right based on your complexion.

Wearing the right shade of green can make you look rested and refreshed. On the other hand, wearing the wrong shade can make you look sick. So it's important to get it right based on your complexion. #cleverglamourmomma #beauty… Click To Tweet


Blue is the coolest of all the colours and reminds us of the sky. Blue is spiritually related without the seductiveness of red or the intellect of yellow. Blue skies are believed to cure the blues/sorrow, blue has a calming effect and blue-blood means “high born”. Singing or listening to blues music brings relief and pleasure. Blue colours, like denim, or navy blue withstand dirt much better than many other colours.  Blue clothing flatters nearly everyone.


Indigo is considered a mysterious colour. Before synthetic dyes, navy blue was made from the indigo plant which catered to the world’s only blue dye. The legendary “Levi” jeans were made from this dye. Indigo is the closest colour to black, which has the ability to absorb all light rays. So, like black, wearing indigo gives you a slimming and concealing effect.

10 Fabulous Facts About Colours Every Woman Wants To Know Now Colourful Woman. cleverglamourmomma


Purple/Violet is used to represent high rank and royalty. People have mixed feelings about purple because it seems to divide the emotions and can be associated either with love or hate. Purple/violet is also associated with death. In medieval days it was against the law for commoners to wear purple. Style-wise, purple and violet are flattering to all skin tones.

10. PINK

Red mixed with white makes pink. Anytime white is added to a colour the effect of the colour is diluted. For instance, adding white to red can transform red from a sex symbol to baby pink. Pink is always positive suggesting high spirits and good health. Being “in the pink” means you’re healthy and happy.

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I hope that these 10 Fabulous Facts About Colours Every Woman Wants To Know Now have helped you learn a bit more about colours and their different associations. For more top tips to help you decide what colours complement your complexion, don’t forget to grab your FREE printable on What Colours Compliment Your Complexion?

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