As we say goodbye to a spectacular summer of style, we welcome a fall filled with fascinating fashion trends. These trends are as bold and powerful as they are fascinating and unforgettable. So, if you’re ready to make a bold, powerful, statement and take your style to the next stage, then these 14 fascinating fall fashion trends you need to know now are just for you.  Just because you ’re busy, doesn’t mean your style has to suffer after summer. You can still be chic, comfortable and practical.

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14 Fascinating fall fashion trends with orange pumpkins and flowers, leaves, green sweater,etc

Get the Fall Fashion Trends Checklist as a handy printable PDF that you can take anywhere with you. Take it shopping, or stick it up in your closet as a reminder. Just let me know who to send it to below.


Fall Fashion Trend 1: Unforgettable Fuchsia

Fuchsia is one of my favourite colours. It always makes a big, bright, beautiful, style statement and is huge this fall on catwalks everywhere. This hot pink colour is claimed to be the colour of fall 2018. Fuchsia is very versatile and can be mixed and matched with other colours, or worn on its own. So if you’re colour shy, start simple with a fuchsia accessory to enhance your outfit. If you’re anything but shy, then boldly wear fuchsia all over. Whatever you decide, you’ll be unforgettable in this trendsetting colour this fall.

Fall Fashion Trend 2: Radical Reds

Reds are another one of my favourite colours. Although red is not new to the world of fashion trends, this fall red is a fashion trend that you definitely need to know. But instead of wearing a predictable monochrome red outfit, why not dare to be different and wear a scarlet/fiery red outfit from head to toe? Perhaps you may want to try something daring and different like a mixture of red with magenta? If wearing red all over is too much for you, don’t be afraid to pair it with a complimentary, or a neutral colour.

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Fall Fashion Trend 3: Coloured Lenses

Another fascinating fall fashion trend this season is shades/sunglasses with coloured lenses. If you really want to make a style statement without saying a word, then wearing coloured lenses will do the trick. Your regular shades/sunglasses can take a break this fall season as you step out in style with a pair of bright coloured lenses.

Fall Fashion Trend 4: Neon Colours

Neon colours are bright, bold, eye-catching colours that are very popular this fall. These highlighter shades were all over the runways and catwalks for fall fashion shows. So, although sunny, summer days may be a memory, there’s no need for you to look dull and gloomy. Be bold and brighten up your look and your life with an injection of colour. If you’re shy, you can start with just a splash of neon to accessorise your outfit. When you’ve worked up the courage to be bold, why not add a downpour of neon colours to your closet? Then sit back and watch this fascinating fall fashion trend make you stand out like a style icon. I’m sure you’d look sexy and stunning in this neon sweater/jumper this fall. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also practical, comfy and trendy… the perfect fall fashion!

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Fall Fashion Trend 5: Get Glossy

The glossy look is a great fall fashion trend this season. Anything, shiny, splash proof or rain resistant is all the rage. This look is very versatile and practical, especially if you live in a country where the weather’s more miserable than it is warm and sunny. I live in the UK, so I love this look! I also love the popular shimmer & shine trend that’s all over the fashion world this fall.

Fall Fashion Trend 6: Shimmer & Shine

Shimmer & Shine! No, I’m not talking about the popular animation of two genies in a bottle. When it comes to fascinating fall fashion trends, getting glossy goes with shimmering and shining. I’m talking about embellishments, holographic material, sequins, metallic and so on. Attention-grabbing garments that gleam and glisten are designed to make you feel chic and classy this fall season.

Fall Shimmer & Shine Gold Dress, Gold beacklace, silver rings, nails reds and gold glitter

Fall Fashion Trend 7: Animal Prints

Of course, no fascinating fall fashion trend would be complete without including animal prints. Snake skin, cheetah, tiger stripes, zebra stripes and lovely leopard prints have made an earth-shattering come back and are bigger and better than ever. As animal prints are an excellent neutral and very versatile, why not invest in an abundance of it this fall season? You can be coy with just an animal print accessory, or be as brave as a lion and let yourself step out in animal prints all over. How about pairing two trends and wearing neon coloured animal prints for an unstoppable style statement? Do you dare to be brave?

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Fall Fashion Trend 8: Plaid! Yes, Please

There was a time when plaid was considered dated and dull. However, this fall plaid has been revolutionised into one of the season’s hottest trends. This popular print is great for moms on the move. Plaid is practical, durable and easy to care for. It’s also stain and spit up friendly and if you hate ironing, then it allows you to get away with avoiding the iron. Plaid is a huge fall fashion trend this year and its versatility is undeniable. Nowadays plaid poses in vivid/vibrant colours and modern shapes such as chic wide leg pants/trousers, or shapely leggings/tights. You can also get plaid in feminine fabrics for a softer, silkier look and feel. If you don’t want to dive into a sea of plaids, then accenting your outfit with plaids is an excellent idea. Wear plaid as a bag, a scarf, or step out in a stylish pair of plaid shoes.

Wide Fit Grey Check Print Stiletto Shoe Boots, fall fshion trends, clever glamour momma
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Fall Fashion Trend 9: Leather Dresses

If you want to look like you’re good at being bad, then a leather dress is your answer. Leather makes you look instantly and effortlessly chic and sexy with a hint of badness. This fall season the little leather dress is what it’s all about. It’s also very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. The leather dress is well worth the investment.

If you want to look like you’re good at being bad, then a leather dress is your answer. Leather makes you look instantly and effortlessly chic and sexy with a hint of badness. Click To Tweet

Fall Fashion Trend 10: The Mighty 80s

History often repeats itself in the world of fashion. This fall, the mighty 80’s have made a killer comeback. All over the fashion world, you can spot 80’s fashion trends like big hair, exaggerated shoulders, puffed mini skirts & mini dresses, bandage dresses and platforms. If you remember the 80’s, or just love that era, then don’t be afraid to take a walk down memory lane and step out in style with an 80’s inspired outfit.

Fall Fashion Trend 11: Oversized Bags

As a mom of three little ones, I welcome this fashion trend with open arms. I hardly ever leave home without an oversized bag filled with everything under the sun. It’s nice to know that I’ll still look stylish this fall with my big bag while I’m out and about. Moms everywhere can take full advantage of this and step out looking and feeling like a style icon.

Big Black Boho Bag Clever Glamour Momma
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Fall Fashion Trend 12: Fashion World Of Westerns

If you’re a fan of westerns, then you’re going to love the fashion world of westerns. Western-inspired looks are fully represented this fall. For a polished, edgy look, you can pair classic pieces with western accents. Western-themed accessories are easy to add to your wardrobe without costing you excessive time, energy or money. Simple, yet elegant accessories like western inspired scarves, fringed bags and cowgirl booties are a great start. So, if you’re not ready for a full-blown western rodeo yet, you can start with a single western accessory or just a few western accessories. Grab one of your favourite basics like a pair of jeans and wear it with a western inspired belt and a white top. Give it a go and you’ll be the best dressed at the rodeo. Yeee Haawww!!!

Black Floral Embroidered Western Jeans Belt, fall fashion trends, clever glamour momma
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Fall Fashion Trend 13: Beautiful Browns

Give your blacks a break this fall as brown is the new black. Brown is a neutral colour that is very versatile and practical, especially for moms because it’s a concealing colour. Soil and spit up won’t be so visible and problematic when wearing brown. This fall, go wild with your chocolates, camels, terracottas, bronzes and other tints, shades and hues of brown. Dress up or dress down your outfit with beautiful browns. It’s another fascinating fall fashion trend that cannot be overlooked. Along with beautiful browns, florals are huge this fall.

Give your blacks a break this fall as brown is the new black. Go wild with your chocolates, camels, bronzes and other tints, shades and hues of brown. Click To Tweet

Fall Fashion Trend 14: Florals

There was a time when florals were worn only during the spring and summer months. However this year, the fashion giants have surprised us by keeping florals in full bloom and making them a fascinating fall fashion trend worn long after summer. Florals this fall are easy to wear as long as you keep them dark, moody and romantic. Avoid bright, girly, florals this fall and you can’t go wrong. Bright blooms on dark backgrounds are a brilliant fashion statement.

Fall orange and brown floral dress with brown leaves and white pumpkins for fall


Here are 10 terrific ideas for how to wear your florals this fall:

  1. Wear a dark floral dress with your favourite pair of boots.
  2. Your jeans will look great with a colour coordinated floral blouse.
  3. Pair your shoes to the floral colours in your dress.
  4. You and your best friend would look lovely in contrasting floral coloured dresses.
  5. For an edgy effect, wear a backpack with a long floral dress.
  6. A sleeveless/short floral dress can be made more fall appropriate by adding a jacket and a pair of tights to help keep you warm when the weather is cool/cold.
  7. Choose rich, luxurious looking fabrics for your florals. They look amazing on lush looking materials.
  8. Exotic floral prints are amazing. The more exotic, the better the look. It will give your outfit a more edgy/dramatic, eye-catching effect.
  9. Consider where on your body you’re wearing your florals. Remember that florals will draw attention to that area. So, if you have a big bum and don’t want to highlight it, then stay away from florals around that area. The same goes for if you have big breasts that you don’t want to accentuate.
  10. When it comes to florals, size does matter. A huge floral print, especially with the florals spaced wide apart, will overwhelm a small, petite frame. Try wearing small or medium-sized floral prints for your best look. The opposite is true if you’re a plus size figure. Avoid tiny florals because they will only make you look bigger than you actually are.

As a reminder, the 14 fascinating fall fashion trends that you need to know now are:

  1. Unforgettable Fuchsia
  2. Radical Reds
  3. Coloured Lenses
  4. Neon Colours
  5. Get Glossy
  6. Shimmer & Shine
  7. Animal Prints
  8. Plaid! Yes, Please
  9. Leather dresses
  10. The Mighty 80’s
  11. Oversized Bags
  12. Fashion World Of Westerns
  13. Beautiful Browns
  14. Florals

Don’t forget to get the Fall Fashion Trends Checklist as a handy printable PDF that you can take anywhere with you. Take it shopping, or stick it up in your closet as a reminder. Just let me know who to send it to below.


Florals are a trend I’ll be embracing this fall, will you? If so, tell me how you’ll style them in the comments below. Also, which of the above fascinating fall fashion trends will you be wearing?

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