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4 Simple Steps to Closet Minimalism Clever Glamour Momma

My friend Lydia has three kids and is always busy. She tells me that she wishes someone could sort her closet out to help make her life easier. If you’re like Lydia then here are 4 simple steps to closet minimalism that’ll make your life easier.

The simpliest & easiest thing to begin with is a closet clear out. You’ll get rid of your clothes that are unwanted, unwearable, or unsuitable. Just empty your closet and make 4 piles, or have 4 boxes/bags that are labelled,

Sell” “Keep” “Repair” “Donate”.

When you’re done, you’ll feel good about saving money and giving to charity.Try not to to throw away anything you may want later on. You don’t want to have to buy something similer to a garment you recently threw away, otherwise it would be a waste of time and money. You don’t want your closet clean out to be a pointless exercise, do you?.

Closet clear outs are really useful. Instead of wasting time and money buying yet another little black dress, or another pair of blue jeans, you already know that you have several black dresses and blue jeans in your closet because after a clear out, it’s so easy to see what’s there.

Closet clean outs are a great way to stay organsied, save time and remain stress-free. When you’re done, you have less choices and less confusion in your closet.

After you decide what to keep, there are 4 simple steps to closet minimalism every momma should know.

Step 1. Closet Clearout:   Store Away Seasonal Stuff

Growing up in the Caribbean, it was summer all year, every year. Yes, it would rain from time to time, but that was about the extent of the weather change. So my wardrobe was mainly filled with

I got used to different seasons when I was studying in New York and then began living in England a few years later. Suddenly, my wardrobe has stuff for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Having a ton of clothes for different seasons can quickly become overwhelming and stressful, especially when you want to find something specific.

I’ve learnt to stop stressing by storing away my seasonal stuff when it’s not needed. This works great to get rid of things you know you won’t need for several months. It also frees up a ton of wardrobe space and saves time, because you can easily find what you’re looking for quickly.

Store away seasonal clothes when they're not needed. This gets rid of things you won’t need for months, frees up wardrobe space and saves time, because you can easily find what you’re looking for quickly. #cleverglamourmomma… Click To Tweet

Store away your winter clothing during the summer months and vice versa. Remember to put them where kids and pets can’t get to them and make a mess. Lock them away in a chest or an unused room, the garage, on top of your closet, in the attic, or wherever you think will be safe.

Step 2 Closet Clearout:   Sort Similar Stuff Together

Another way to avoid stressful starts to your day is to store/hang similar stuff together. For instance, hang/put all your sleeveless tops together, all your skirts together, all you coats together and so on.

You can even go a step further and arrange them by colour. Put all your black sleeveless tops together, all your red skirts together and so on.

Sorting similar stuff together helps you know in an instant where to find what you want and need in a fraction of the time.

This eliminates you feeling hopeless and helpless and makes your closet experience a dream, instead of a nightmare.

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Step 3 Closet Clear Out:   Like, Love, Or Can Live Without

You have some clothes that you like to wear sometimes. Others that you love to wear repeatedly. Some that you have, but could live without.


These are clothes that you wear from time to time, but they aren’t your favourites. They may not be as comfortable, or as flattering as those clothes that you love. Or perhaps you only like them because you hardly have a reason to wear them – being a busy mommy and all. Yet, you still keep them to give you options if you want, because as the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.”


The clothes you love are typically the ones you wear all the time. They are usually comfortable, flattering and make you feel confident, beautiful and in control. These are the clothes you wear the most. So it’s important to care for them so that you can get your money’s worth out of them.

Live Without

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. So, you bought that blinding, sparkly, jumpsuit, for that party so long ago. You can’t even remember how many years have passed since you last wore it. You can live without it, but you tell yourself,

“You never know when it will come in handy for another party, even though it makes me look like a walking disco ball.”

We all have pieces that we seriously “Can Live Without”.

 If you can live without them, why are you still hanging on to them for dear life?

For me, it used to be pre pregnancy clothes that I could easily slip into. They clogged up my closet and still I continued to hold on to them for sentimental reasons. Then I realised that I urgently needed more closet space for the clothes I wear often since starting my family. A decision had to be made.

It was either I keep the clothes for sentimental reasons, get rid of them, or pay a huge amount for a larger closet.

In the end, I ditched the pre pregnancy clothes and had a whole lot more room for my current clothes with new memories and new sentiments.

What’s in your closet that you can live without and needs ditching?

Step 4 Closet Clean Out:   Fit, Flatter, Or Let It Go, Let It Go…

I know you’re a busy momma. So closet minimalism doesn’t have to be as difficult as rocket science for you. No one has the time for difficulty.

Put simply, if it doesn’t currently fit you, or flatter you, then just let it go.

There’s no point holding on to things that make you depressed every time you look at them, and kill your confidence when you try to squeeze into them.

Maybe once upon a time, it was worth hanging on to it because it made you look and feel great.

But if that’s not the case now, and it seems too stressful, or simply impossible, to pair it with something else that fits or flatters you, then do what Elsa says and,

“Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door”

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Momma life is busy and stressful. You don’t need any additional difficulty, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.

You deserve to have a less stressful and overwhelming life. These 4 simple steps to closet minimalism that’ll make your life easier, will help you wake up everyday to a life where the stress of getting dressed is a thing of the past.

Step 1. Closet Clearout  – Store Away Seasonal Stuff

Step 2 Closet Clearout – Sort Similar Stuff Together

Step 3 Closet Clear Out –Like, Love, Or Can Live Without

Step 4 Closet Clean Out – Fit, Flatter, Or Let It Go, Let It Go…

You will love your closet and be confident in your clothes. Your organised wardrobe will make you happier and set a positive tone for your entire day.

Grab your FREE printable below as a reminder of the 4 simple steps to closet minimalism that’ll make your life easier. Print it out and stick it up wherever you need a reminder about being a minimalist. Take a copy with you on the go, especially when you’re clothes shopping.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for minimalizing your closet? Have you done/or need to do a closet clean out? Let me know how it went. Share in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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