Goodbye Winter! Spring has sprung and so have the spectacular spring trends and styles!

If you’re tired of looking in your wardrobe and being depressed by bulky winter wear, then I’m here to help get you out of your winter funk.

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8 Amazing & Spectacular Spring Trends Every Mom Should Know Now

Here are 8 of the hottest spring trends this season. You may already have some hiding at the back of your wardrobe, or you may want to treat yourself to something new and trendy this spring. Better yet, get your loved one to treat you with a new, chic, spring style, because you’re so worth it!

Here’s a look at some of the most mom-friendly, versatile, trendy spring styles that will make you stand out whenever you step out.

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Spectacular Spring Trend 1: Neon

Neon Yellow Jumper
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Move over, pastels, neon is here!

Neon colours are bright, bold, eye-catching colours that are very popular this spring. These highlighter shades were all over the runways and catwalks for spring fashion shows.

There’s no need for you to look dull and gloomy this year. Be bold and brighten up your look and your life with an injection of colour. If you’re shy, you can start with just a splash of neon to accessorise your outfit. Feel free to flaunt your neon with just one isolated pop.

When you’ve worked up the courage to be bold, why not add a downpour of neon colours to your closet? Then sit back and watch this fascinating spring fashion trend make you stand out like a style icon.

Get ready for some sweet spring days and make your winter wardrobe a distant memory with some eye-catching neon outfits.

If you’re going to do neon, own it, work it, rock it, momma! Just go for it!

However, if you’re cautious but still curious, and still want to give it a go, you can start small by trying it in a comfy, practical neon pink pair of slingback shoes, a handbag with neon accents, or a neon-inspired scarf. If you like it, then rock it. If not, then maybe the next spring style is more to your liking.

Hot Pink Neon Slingback Shoes
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Spectacular Spring Trend 2: Neutrals

If you find neon scary, then neutral may be your preference. This spring, neutrals make beige anything but boring or blah. Neutrals are so chic, so clean, and come in a variety of shades such as from cream, khaki, tan, taupe and sand.

An added bonus is that monochromatic dressing using these soft neutral earth tones will make you look chic and sophisticated this spring. They will also hide an abundance of evils, such as dirt and spills, which your little one can cause on your clothing.

So, if you’re a momma who wants to look stylish, this spring, yet be comfortable and confident in your clothing, then neutrals are here for you! Just remember to mix in different textures of monochromatic neutrals to avoid looking flat or dull.

If you’re a momma who wants to look stylish, this spring, yet be comfortable and confident in your clothing, then neutrals are here for you! Just remember to mix in different textures of monochromatic neutrals to avoid looking flat… Click To Tweet

Spectacular Spring Trend 3: Colourful Plaids

There was a time when plaid was considered dated and dull. However, this spring plaid has been revolutionised into one of the season’s hottest trends. This popular print is great for moms on the move. Plaid is practical, durable and easy to care for. It’s also stain and spit up friendly and if you hate ironing, then it allows you to get away with avoiding the iron. Plaid is a huge spring fashion trend this year and its versatility is undeniable. Nowadays plaid poses in vivid/vibrant colours and modern shapes such as chic wide leg pants/trousers, or shapely leggings/tights.

You can also get plaid in feminine fabrics for a softer, silkier look and feel. If you don’t want to dive into a sea of plaids, then accenting your outfit with plaids is an excellent idea. Wear plaid as a bag, a scarf, or step out in a stylish pair of plaid shoes.

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Spectacular Spring Trend 4: Jumpsuits

New Look mustard-notch-neck-cross-strap-jumpsuit
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Jumpsuits are a major trend right now.

If you’re a busy mom, then I know that you just don’t have the time to always be looking for coordinating tops and bottoms that make you look great, yet are comfy and practical for the school runs and the million and one other errands/activities you have to do in a day.

Jumpsuits are easily accessorised and despite being seen as masculine looking, they can be enhanced by wearing one with a fitted waist, adding some attractive shoes and a bit of bling or other fine jewellery.

Jumpsuits are excellent for wearing casually, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Just don’t dress them down too much and end up looking like you borrowed a handyman’s clothes, or you forgot to change before you left home.

Spectacular Spring Trend 5: Mixed Prints

DP Curve Pink Scarf Print 'Emily' Twist Neck Blouse
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If you love all things patterns or prints and think that plain is not an option, then this spring’s mixed prints trend is perfect for you. This year, get your glam on with a variety of creative looking clothes with unique and interesting mixes of colours, patterns, patchwork, scarf/handkerchief prints, and fabric blocking.

Even if you’re not a diehard fan of prints and patterns, I’m sure that you can find something that suits your fancy and catches your eye. You can find more traditional outfits like sailor stripes mixed with pinstripes, or a bit more daring like pleated patchwork masterpieces for the bold. If you’re not sure about this trend, then you can start small with a silky, stunning chain link scarf around your head/ or on your handbag. Or get a pair of shoes that accentuate your mixed prints and step out in style.

Just remember that with all your colours, prints and patterns, you don’t need much more to accessorise your outfit. So, keep your accessories plain, simple and elegant to avoid competing with your already exciting outfit.

Just remember that with all your colours, prints and patterns, you don’t need much more to accessorise your outfit. So, keep your accessories plain, simple and elegant to avoid competing with your already exciting outfit. Click To Tweet

Spectacular Spring Trend 6: Marigold/Mustard

**DP Curve Floral Print Manipulated Bodycon Midi Dress
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This gorgeous golden tone is stylish and stunning this spring. Marigold/mustard tones are a fashion favourite this spring and are excellent for lifting your mood and your outfit after a long, dark, dreary winter.

If you’re not ready to dive headfirst into a sea of sunshine with these bright colours, then why not start slow and get something in a basic colour like a little black dress with gorgeous accents of marigold/mustard flowers, or a pair of marigold shoes, or a marigold handbag to accentuate your outfit.

If you prefer, you can save this special colour for a special occasion, or your holidays. Showcase a splash of golden colour in your swimwear, on your sandals, slippers, or sarong. Get a gorgeous top and pair it with your favourite pair of pants/jeans/trousers.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to make a brilliant, bold, style statement, then a marigold/mustard dress or jumpsuit is just for you.

Spectacular Spring Trend 7: Crochet

Cream Crochet Cross Body Bag
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Another major trend this spring is crochet. Typically, crochet used to be associated with grannies and little old ladies. This spring, statement-making crochet fashion, is iconic, eye-catching and anything but outdated. You can find crochet items everywhere. Look for crochet in shoes, sexy swimwear, bags, dresses, and accentuated in sleeves, hemlines and necklines. For instance, this gorgeous Cream Crochet Cross Body Bag is perfect for the busy mom on the go. It can hold loads securely, looks amazing and you can easily slip it over your body and still have both hands free for the kids.

Spectacular Spring Trend 8: Safari

**DP Curve Multi Colour Tropical Manipulated Hem Top
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This spring, stylish trends include the sexy safari look. Stunning animal prints and earth-toned colours have made an earth-shattering come back and are bigger and better than ever. As animal prints are an excellent neutral and very versatile, why not invest in an abundance of it this spring season? You can be coy with just an animal print accessory, or be as brave as a lion and let yourself step out in animal prints all over. How about pairing two trends and wearing neon coloured animal prints for an unstoppable style statement like this neon zebra print sleeveless top? Do you dare to be brave?

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Dorethy Perkins Neon Zebra Print Sleeveless Top
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Bonus Spring Trends

This spring, watch out for the following trends and let me know which ones you’d wear and which ones you would avoid like a plague.

  • Biker shorts
  • Polka dots
  • Surfer-inspired clothing
  • Oversized hats
  • See-through plastic coats
  • Tie Dye
  • Pale blue clothing

Neons and mustards are a trend I’ll be embracing this spring, will you? If so, tell me how you’ll style them in the comments below. Also, which of the above spectacular spring fashion trends will you be wearing?


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