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When I was a little girl, one of my school friends was a beautiful, popular girl named Cindy. She was the kind of girl other girls either envied or wanted to be best friends with. If there was one person you’d expect to have a charmed, easy life, filled with tons of success, it definitely would be her.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Unexpectedly, Cindy became a teenage mom and had to drop out of high school. Her story was made even more sad by the fact that the baby’s father was her teacher and continued his career.

Cindy and I lost contact after she left high school and when I saw her last, she was the complete opposite of what I remembered. After becoming a mom, things had certainly changed for her. Clearly, motherhood had taken a toll on her and her natural shine and enviable attractiveness had long gone.

I know that as moms, we can lose ourselves and let ourselves go due to motherhood. We want the best for our families, so we gladly sacrifice our needs and wants. Within that sacrifice is our time to take care of our appearance.

While appearance is important, it is only one aspect of being beautiful. Being beautiful happens when you take care of yourself, inside and out. While a great outfit, good makeup and a nice hairstyle help, being beautiful/attractive requires self-care and paying attention to your wellbeing. It also helps to exercise habits that portray you in a more favourable/attractive light to others.

As a busy mom with a crazy schedule, I know that achieving this is easier said than done. So here are 7 Tips on How to be More Beautiful Even If You’re A Busy Mom With A Crazy Schedule.

  1. A Healthy You Is A Happy You

Flawless makeup, perfect hair without a stray strand and designer clothes, will all make you stand out in a crowd because of your attractive appearance.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and having a polished look, beauty is much more than just looking good on the outside. Remember, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

However, adding a healthy lifestyle to your daily routine will enhance your appearance even more.

I know that as a busy mom, you may not have time or money for lavish makeup, hair dressers, shopping sprees, or regular trips to the gym. But even if you are not able to splash the cash on designer labels, it is important that you find a few moments on a regular basis to eat healthier and be more active. This will help you look like the glamour momma I know you are.

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  1. Sleep Is Sweet

I would be a hypocrite if I were to preach to you to have at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. So I won’t.

As a mom, is 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep even possible?

Although I know that sleep is a luxury most moms cannot afford, it still is monumentally important to your overall health and beauty.

As simple as it is, how much sleep you get is vital to how you’ll look and feel the following day.

Sleep deprivation will cause weight gain and no one wants that in addition to baby weight. Not to mention the racoon looking dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Additionally, sleeping on your tummy or your side creases your skin, causing wrinkles.  As busy moms, we already have enough to stress us out and give us grey hairs. Who wants to add wrinkles to the mix?

  1. Skin Care is Crucial

There is an old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.” Although this means that there is more to being beautiful than just attractive looks, taking care of your skin does improve your appearance to others.

Proper skin care is crucial because it decreases the appearance of ageing. Instant beauty bonus! Washing and exfoliating regularly helps reduce the ageing process and keep wrinkles at bay.

It’s also useful to remove excess oils and makeup, especially before bedtime. Using beauty masks and having regular facials help improve your skin and enhance your natural beauty. So, if you want to look beautiful and younger longer, take good care of your skin.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get lots of lovely lotions and potions to ensure your skin is always well moisturized and protected from harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Don’t forget that a healthy diet is also important for radiant skin that will boost your beauty instantly.

  1. Poor Posture Isn’t Pretty

As a girl, I remember my mom always telling one of my siblings or me to sit/stand up straight. She had a thing for poor posture and regularly reminded us that, “By standing or sitting straight, you instantly look and feel more confident.”

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Mom was right. Good posture causes confidence.

When you look confident, people pay more attention to you and are more attracted to you. In short, you become more beautiful because poor posture isn’t pretty.

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  1. Don’t Stress So Much

Just like overwhelm and worry, stress is almost synonymous with being a mom. Show me a mom who isn’t overwhelmed/worried/stressed most days, and I’ll show you pigs that fly.

Although stress is a part of mom life, you have to try to reduce it, or better yet, avoid it like the plague. Why? Stress causes wrinkles and worry lines. Also, stress contributes to a ton of health issues which reflects badly on your appearance.

Stress can age you very quickly.  Remember, looking young and healthy is a big beauty boost. So, if you want to look attractive, simple solution. Don’t stress so much!

  1. Talk Less, Think More

I know that since time began, women have been encouraged to be less talkative and outgoing than men. But nowadays, with women being just as outspoken and educated as men a chatty woman is still frowned on.

Empty, senseless talking can be a big turnoff. Many men love to make jokes about how much women talk. Not only is constant talking a turnoff for men, but many women avoid other women who they consider to be nothing more than gossips.

When my friends and I used to chat a lot in class, our teacher would remind us of three quotes.

  1. “Think the most and speak the less.”
  2. “Empty vessels make the most noise.”
  3. “It’s better to be silent and thought of as a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubt.”

To this day, I remember those quotes and try to speak less, but say a lot when I do speak.  I always try to have something sensible to say when I speak, rather than just speaking because I can.

As a mom, I try to teach my kids this also. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it helps reduce arguments and constant complaining.

There is a certain elegance and beauty in the simplicity of silence. If you prefer not to be silent, there is an undeniable attractiveness to speaking intelligently, humanely and or humorously. So be beautiful. Talk less, think more!

  1. Constant Complaining Isn’t Cute

Stop moaning and groaning! Your constant complaining makes you unattractive.

That being said, I know that being a mom often causes you to have a lot to complain about. While it’s healthy to vent sometimes, nobody likes endless moaning and groaning.

Someone who’s always negative is depressing and no fun to be around. Everyone has issues, but that doesn’t mean you have to share yours with everyone, all the time. You won’t get sympathy, but you will appear annoying, ungrateful, bitter and resentful. Who wants to be that mom?

Instead of complaining, constantly, how about doing something to solve your situation? Or help someone else solve there’s by being positive and or productive?

Helping others will make you and them feel better and will get your mind off of your own troubles. As a bonus, others will be happy to gravitate to you because you will be such a beautiful, helpful human.

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  1. Love Your Look

It’s no secret that having babies changes your body. Many moms lose confidence when their body changes after birth. Despite these changes, it’s important to love your look no matter what.

If you think you look unattractive, guess what? You will inevitably behave and eventually believe you are unattractive. Others will sense this negative attitude and won’t find it attractive.

You don’t have to lose all your lovely lady lumps and baby bumps to be beautiful. Sure, it’s best to be active and healthy, but being healthy doesn’t mean spending your life savings living at the gym. Nor does it mean being on an endless diet.

You can be active and healthy simply by taking regular walks. Additionally, diets are only temporary lifestyle changes. Deciding to eat healthily, be active and have a positive mindset, where you learn to love your look and believe in your beauty, is far more permanent.

In short, love your look, believe in your beauty and be grateful for your ability to be a mommy. Like the late, great, Whitney Houston says, “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

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I know you are a busy mom with a crazy schedule. But you can take small, simple steps now to make yourself more beautiful. While appearance is important, it is only one aspect of being beautiful. You also need to take care of yourself and how you are perceived by others. Take the time to apply these 8 amazing tips on how to be more beautiful even if you’re a busy mom with a crazy schedule.

In addition to these amazing tips, enjoy applying these 10 Things You Can Do Today To Make Yourself More Attractive & download your FREE printable below.

  1. A Healthy You Is A Happy You
  2. Sleep Is Sweet
  3. Skin Care is Crucial
  4. Poor Posture Isn’t Pretty
  5. Don’t Stress So Much
  6. Talk Less, Think More
  7. Constant Complaining Isn’t Cute
  8. Love Your Look

Have I forgotten to mention any tips? Do you have any top tips on how to be more beautiful?

Share your best tips in the comments below?  I’d love to hear and learn from you.

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