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Yesterday, my family and I went to our local park to ride our bikes. We usually stay for at least an hour, but because it was so hot, after about 20 minutes, the kids were complaining about the heat.

Who could blame them? It was like an oven out there and trying to ride up hills was such an unbearable exercise, my 8year old shouted out,

“This is torture? Why are we doing this? It’s too hot for all this riding nonsense.”

I thought to myself, he has a point. So, I was able to convince my hubby to end the torture early and let the kids go play in the nearby waterpark. Meanwhile,  hubby and I just relaxed under a shady tree.

Summer is the time of year that gets you in a good mood. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the BBQ is grilling, the kids are outside playing, hubby is in the water swimming and you can enjoy some sweet, summer, solitude.

Yes, summertime is a time to sit back and unwind. Unfortunately, summertime is also a luxury that comes with a horrible price. The lovely sunshine and warmer weather come with horrid humidity and sweltering heat.

“Sweat gives me a lovely glow. So, I love sweating all day every day.” Says no one… ever!!!

Since no one wants to have their summer ruined by sweat, here are some sweet summer style survival tips and tricks. They are perfect for keeping you comfortable during the summer. They also help you stay stylish and look fashionable, despite the humidity and heat.

  1. Invest In A Wide-Brimmed Sunhat

If you think that sunhats are only for the pool or the beach, think again. When it’s hot as fire outside, a wide-brimmed hat is both practical and stylish.

A lightweight, breathable sunhat will protect your head and face from the sweltering heat and will also make you look loaded and chic.  Especially if you complete the outfit with a nice pair of sunglasses.

It’s a win, win all around. Your pretty face will be protected from the sun and you’ll have an air of mystery and style that no one will be able to ignore.

  1. Wear Light Coloured Clothing

Light coloured clothing will reflect heat. So, the lighter and brighter coloured your summer wardrobe is, the better for keeping cooler longer.

Darker clothes are better during colder months because they absorb light, which will keep you warmer, longer.

So, during the summertime, stick to your bright, colourful clothing to stay cooler longer.

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  • Materials Matter, So Know What Works

It helps to know what fabrics are best for the warmer weather.

For instance, active wear is usually made of synthetic blend fibres. This is excellent for reducing heat and keeping you cooler, longer.

Cotton and linen are also great during summertime.  Since they are light and breathable, these materials cause sweat to dry quicker.

There’s nothing more comfortable, classy and stylish than a lovely colourful, cotton/linen sundress during the hot months.

  1. Spruce Up Your Summertime Shoes

If you’re a fan of flip-flops/slippers, then the summer is the perfect time to wear them in style. They allow your feet to breath and are so very comfortable.

But, many people find slippers to be boring and bland. They don’t have to be. There are a variety of stylish slippers in several shops throughout the summer.

If you’re on a budget, why not be creative and do it yourself? Grab some strong glue and add ribbon, studs, diamantes, or whatever you fancy.

Bling up those boring slippers! After the glue dries, you’re good to go. So go on, make those flip-flops fancy and fashionable yourself.

Or, if you prefer sandals during the warmer months, then go ahead and step out in a stylish pair that will have you looking and feeling cool, chic and comfortable.

8 Sensational Styling Tips To Help You Survive The Hot Summer

  1. Slip Into Skirts or Shorts

During the summer, wearing a skirt or shorts is a great idea to keep cool, while looking stylish. Your lovely legs will be well ventilated, which can cause your whole body to be cool.

So, slip into a summer dress, a colourful skirt, or sexy shorts. If they are made from heat-friendly fabrics like linen or cotton, all the better.

You’ll be ready for any warm weather in an instant and look great while on the go.

  • Secure Your Stray Hair With A Scarf

When I was a little girl growing up in the Caribbean, I remember my mom using colourful scarves to tie around her head or to tie her hair up. The beautiful colours lifted her mood and brightened her face and her outfits.

The scarves not only looked fashionable, but were also very practical.

Hair can make you feel much hotter than normal, especially when it gets sweaty and sticks to your face and neck.

A simple solution to avoid hairy heat is to tie a scarf around your hair.

  • Let Your Fabrics Flow

 Loose fitting fabrics are best during warmer temperatures.

They allow more ventilation around your body, which keeps you cooler for longer.

So, instead of those seductive, skin-tight tops and trousers, try a beautiful flowing skirt or dress to keep you cool and comfortable and ward off heat.

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  • Less is More When Wearing Jewellery

No outfit is complete without amazing accessories, such as jewellery.

Although jewellery is important and makes you look glamourous and gorgeous, it can become more of an annoyance than an asset when the weather heats up.

Things like heavy necklaces and bracelets can be burdensome on your neck and arms in the heat. Intricately detailed jewellery with lots of bling and beads may become really hot and irritating to accommodate all day long.

So, keep it simple in the summer and remember that when it comes to summertime jewellery, less is more.

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I hope that these 8 Sensational Styling Tips To Help You Survive The Hot Summer will help you have a more comfortable, enjoyable summer. Just remember to:

  1. Invest In A Wide-Brimmed Sunhat
  2. Wear Light Coloured Clothing
  3. Materials Matter, So Know What Works
  4. Spruce Up Your Summertime Shoes
  5. Slip Into Skirts or Shorts
  6. Secure Your Stray Hair With A Scarf
  7. Let Your Fabrics Flow
  8. Less is More When Wearing Jewellery

If more than the heat is ruining your style, then download this helpful printable on 5 Ways To Salvage Your Style. You don’t need to be in a style rut ever again!

What are your favourite styling tips? Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above tips. Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear and learn from you.

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