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I’m Ménesa, a mom of three. I began blogging because I needed adult interaction, desired a creative outlet, enjoy learning new skills & mostly because I love being stylish, savvy & sassy. Nowadays, I enjoy staying at home with the kids. As an experienced Teacher, Proofreader, Professional Stylist and a qualified Barrister, my life experiences help me understand, relate to, appreciate & empathise with both working moms & stay at home moms.

I am passionate about helping moms discover simple, effective, actionable tools that minimise styling stress & create clothing confidence. I blog about  Style, Fashion & Beauty. I encourage you to view my Portfolio and my Services pages to get a better idea about what I do.

What Is Clever Glamour Momma?

Clever Glamour Momma is an online community of like-minded Moms who want to look less frumpy and more fashionable without the fuss. With easy, actionable, advice, ideas and inspiration, I’ll help you up your style and confidence game instantly!

The community helps inspire and encourage moms to feel confident in themselves and their capabilities. It also empowers moms to feel in control of their body changes & clothing challenges.

What’s In It For You?

At Clever Glamour Momma, members of the community connect, share information & advice, learn from and impact each other. It’s a home for Clever Mommas who want to look and feel less frumpy, more stylish, confident & classy!

You’ll get easy, actionable and effective ideas, advice and information on Style, Fashion & Beauty, while saving time, money & excess energy along the way.

Why I Conceived Clever Glamour Momma?

After the birth of my baby girl, I lost confidence in my image and appearance. I know it’s not a nice feeling having insecurities about your image.

My style confidence returned after I studied Professional Styling. I learnt how to work with my mommy body to make me look less frumpy and feel more fabulous.

As a professional Stylist, I help moms who feel frumpy or insecure about their appearance look and feel more glamourous, confident and in control.

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Join me in the Clever Glamour Community and let’s help each other fight frumpiness and have style, fashion & beauty confidence!

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