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The other day, I picked up my 6 year old from school and the first things he said to me was, “Mom, why do you always have to look so posh?”

I laughed out loud.

I asked him what he meant, because that day of all days, I really felt like rubbish.

I had been ill in bed all day and because my husband was away working, I was forced to drag myself out of bed, drag on the first thing my hand touched, drag on a pair of sunglasses and drag myself to school to collect him. (I know, that’s a whole lotta dragging, right?) The entire time I felt like a living dead and thought I looked even worse.

Looking posh was the last thing on my mind. I guess my dark sunglasses hid a multitude of misery and made me look a little less like a walking dead.

That day, it wasn’t makeup tricks or tips that saved me, such as putting pale shimmery eye shadow in the corner of my eyes, or contouring and highlighting with blush and bronzer. Without a drop of makeup on and feeling sick and tired, it was a simple pair of dark sunglasses that made me look “posh” that day.

As women, we all want to look our best. So we use makeup to help highlight our best bits. But as a busy momma, I know that it’s sometimes hard to find the time, energy, or money to look gorgeous all day long.

I also know that there are things that you can do to look great naturally, without using makeup. Here are a few of those mind blowing makeup-less tips, starting with one of my personal favourites.

  1. Slip On Some Sunglasses

A pair of dark sunglasses can hide a multitude of eye-related sins. If you’ve had little to no sleep last night because baby decided that sleep is for suckers, then slip on a pair of sunglasses. You’ll be able to step out looking stylish and glamourous, instead of looking sleep deprived and groggy. As an added bonus, the sunglasses will protect your tired eyes from bright sunlight that can cause swelling, squinting, tearing and eye damage.

A pair of dark sunglasses can hide a multitude of eye-related sins. If you’ve had little or no sleep, then slip on a pair of sunglasses for instant eye protection & glam. #nomakeupnofuss #lookgoodnaturally #cleverglamourmomma… Click To Tweet

 2.  Bright, Colourful Clothes Is A must

When you want to look great without a drop of makeup, try choosing colourful clothes that complement your complexion and make you look healthy. This is better than wearing black or white because black will make your face look darker and white can make it look pale and colourless. Now is not the time for wearing neutral coloured clothes either. Be bold and make a colourful clothing statement without saying a word.

Here’s a quick guide to colours based on your complexion.

If your complexion is lighter, then you should wear more of the following colours. magentas, blue-greens, pinks, purples, blue, blue-based reds.

However, if you have a darker complexion, wearing these colours is best for you. oranges, browns, yellows, ivory, army green, chartreuses, orange-based reds,  deep greens.

3.      Accessorise With Earrings & Necklaces

If you want to draw attention away from the fact that you are tired, sick, stressed, or simply had no time or energy to slap on some makeup, then an eye-catching pair of earrings and a statement necklace can do the job. Choosing colours that look good with your complexion and your eye or hair colour will definitely enhance your look. You’ll look so good, no one will notice that you’re makeup free.

 4. Ditch The Screens & Sleep

As a busy mom, you sometimes don’t have a second to yourself during the day. So, sometimes the only time you have to get screen time is after all the kids are asleep. Unfortunately, this is usually right before your own bedtime. I say unfortunately because screens cause a decreased level of melatonin, which is a chemical that aides sleep. So having screen time before bed makes it harder for you to get to sleep and to stay sleep throughout the night. I know that you know what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. So, to look good, remember, “Sleep more, screens less.”

  1. Vitamin C To The Rescue

For a quick pick me up, especially at mornings, start your day with a vitamin C filled citrus fruit. Citrus can help keep you healthy and make you look and feel great. Fruits like oranges, clementines, satsumas, grapefruits etc, are excellent sources of energy for helping you stay on top of things. Even showering with lemon scented body wash can help wake you up in the mornings. The scent of citrus is a genius eye opener.

Health & Beauty Tips for Moms to look good. Natural Beauty from Clever Glamour Momma

  1. You Can’t Drink Too Much Water

We all know that water is one of the best things to keep you looking and feeling healthy. Humans, animals and even trees need a good dose of water to survive and thrive. Water helps our bodies and brains function better. This helps us look and feel more alive and well. So, why not stock up on the good stuff to always look amazing?

  1. Move In The Mornings

I know it can be difficult to wake up and exercise first thing in the morning, especially if you haven’t had much sleep the night before. However, just some simple exercises in the morning will work wonders for you. A walk or ride in the park, or around the neighbourhood is good. But if you can’t get out of the house, why not jog on the spot, do some squats, or walk up and down your stairs? If you prefer more of a routine, you could watch a you tube exercise video for 15-30 minutes.  Moving, especially in the mornings wakes up your body, gets the blood flowing and helps you look and feel wide awake and ready to conquer your day.

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  1. A Splash Of Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water is guaranteed to make you look alert and alive, especially at mornings. The shock of the cold water will definitely wake you up, so you can be active and engaged, even early in the morning. If you are a real dare devil, try showing in cold water. You definitely won’t look or feel lifeless after that water hits you.

  1. Use Eye Drops For Extra Alertness

I’m not suggesting that you make it a bad habit, but when you really need extra help to look awake and alert, using one or two drops in your eyes can help make you look less haggard and hopeless. The eye drops will help reduce puffiness and redness so that sleep-deprived eyes look alert and amazing.

  1. Conquer Your Allergies & Ailments

If you suffer from allergies, hay fever, or any other sicknesses when it warms up, then summer can be a nightmare. Don’t suffer in silence and walk around the entire summer looking like a “mombie” (that’s a zombie looking mom). See your doctor and get some information, advice and prescriptions to sort out whatever it is that’s making you look and feel like you’re knocking at death’s door.  When you take care of yourself, you will naturally look better – even without a sprinkle of makeup.

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I know that there are many ways to look great naturally, without using makeup.  Doing these 10 tips and tricks regularly will help you look and feel more attractive and boost your confidence with minimal effort and no makeup.

Just remember the following:

  1. Slip On Some Sunglasses
  2. Bright, Colourful Clothes Is A must
  3. Accessorise With Earrings & Necklaces
  4. Ditch The Screens & Sleep
  5. Vitamin C To The Rescue
  6. You Can’t Drink Too Much Water
  7. Move In The Mornings
  8. A Splash Of Cold Water
  9. Use Eye Drops For Extra Alertness
  10. Conquer Your Allergies & Ailments

To help you look great naturally, grab your FREE printable checklist of 10 Things You Can Do Today To Make Yourself More Attractive. Download it now below. Use it as a daily reminder of simple steps you can take to elevate your natural attractiveness and increase your confidence effortlessly.

What are your ways to look great without makeup? Have I forgotten any of them? Share with us in the comments. Are we friends yet on social media? If not, let’s connect! I can’t wait to hear and learn from you.

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