Have you noticed that recently, everyone who is anyone is taking a walk on the wild side? Everywhere you can see fashionistas dressed to impress in amazing animal prints, like tiger, cheetah and leopard prints. Are you one of the brave ones who is bold enough to step out in style and indulge your animal instincts?

7 Sensational Tips On How To Wear Leopard Prints To Look Chic & ConfidentClever Glamour Momma Leopard print, animal prints

Don’t be shy to mix it up and pair different animal prints together. Don’t make a habit of it, but when mixing and matching different animal prints, “Clashin’ is in fashion.” I’ll fill you in on what else is fashion forward this year in my FREE guide, “My 5 Favourite Fall Fashion Trends”. This exclusive guide is a snippet of this season’s hottest trends, with top tips on how to wear them. Of course, it includes amazing animal prints. Just tell me your name and where to send it to and you can have this fabulous FREE guide instantly.


Animal prints are amazing for a variety of reasons. One of my favourite reasons is their versatility. You can wear animal prints based on the same rules you apply to wearing neutrals. Remember that neutrals are colours like white, brown, beige, black, khaki and so on. Like neutral colours, animal prints tend to look great when worn with almost anything.

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Another amazing attribute of animal prints is that in this case, you can choose to abandon the “less is more” concept and go wild with you animal prints (pun intended). You can choose to dive in and dress from head-to-toe in animal prints, or just add an accessory, like a bag, a belt, a scarf, or shoes. These accessories will instantly and easily accentuate your outfit and upgrade your look.

In the 50’s famous fashion icon Christian Dior used leopard prints in many of his designer accessories and since then, animal prints have been best friends with fashionistas and style icons.

Lately, you can see animal prints all over the catwalk, especially at the New York Fashion Week. This trending style is everywhere and it’s difficult to find a famous fashionista who hasn’t invested in an impressive animal print item. So if you’re a fan of looking chic, then you won’t want to miss out. Don’t be shy to try taking a walk on the wild side.

There are an abundance of fashionable ways to strut your animal stuff. You can choose to dive right in and wear animal prints from head-to-toe, or take it slowly with one eye-catching accessory at a time. Whatever you fancy, if you’re stuck for style inspiration, then check out these 23 ways to get into animal print.

Although I love indulging in animal prints, one of my favourite prints is the ever popular, show-stopping leopard print.

7 Sensational Tips On How To Wear Leopard Prints To Look Chic & Confident

Brown/beige and black animal print, leopard print dress, shoes, bracelets and necklace

Whether you’ve never indulged in wearing lovely leopard (your restraint is legendary), or you are an animal print professional, here are a few helpful tips that might help you confidently walk on the wild side and let the world see and feel your animal magnetism.

Tips On Wearing Leopard Prints

  1. Leopard looks lovely when worn with denim.
  2. Even little leopard print accessories will have a big impact on your outfit.
Black, brown, beige leopard print handpage, purse clever glamour momma
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  1. Different leopard prints accentuate each other when worn together.
  2. If you’re not used to wearing animal prints, start with leopard print shoes. Then gradually increase your animal apparel as you get more comfortable and confident.
Red Leopard Print Midi Heel Shoes Clever Glamour Momma
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  1. It’s ok to wear animal print trousers and skirts. They’ll make a stunning style statement and distract from your upper body, if that’s what you want.
  2. Your animal prints do not have to be worn in neutral colours like browns. Try being bold and wear your prints brightly. If you need some inspiration, I’ve got you!
Your animal prints do not have to be worn in neutral colours like browns. Take a walk on the wild side. Be bold and wear your prints brightly. Click To Tweet

7. Print clashing is in fashion. For example, wearing zebra and leopard prints together is adventurous and ok. Mixing your prints is one of the best ways to WOW with your wardrobe. It’s easy, affordable, fashionable and so much fun. Go for it!

The fashion world has been transformed into an animal kingdom and is ruled by all kinds of cats. Animal prints are trending everywhere this fall. For more tips on what’s trending this fall, grab my FREE guide at the end of this post, “My 5 Favourite Fall Fashion Trends”. Despite all the current trends, as I said before, I’m a lover of leopard.

Brown/beige and black animal print, leopard print dress, shoes, bracelets and necklace Clever Glamour Momma

However, there are some leopard prints that can look less than chic. Here are a few ways of determining if your leopard looks lovely and chic or lacking and cheap.

How To Look Chic When Wearing Leopard

1. Be bright, bold, or neutral.

Neutral and beige-toned leopard prints look amazing. But if you want to be bold, then grab reds, bright greens, yellows, or oranges.

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Topshop Red Leopard Print Suit Clever Glamour Momma
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2. Avoid generic leopard prints.

Wearing an animal print where the actual print and design looks interesting and unique gives it an air of elegance and sophistication. This makes it look and feel less generic.

3. Fabric type is important.

The material that the animal printed garment is made from is important. To ensure your prints look luxurious, ensure they are printed on high quality, durable materials like cotton, silk and non-stretch materials.

4. No obvious repeating patterns.

The key to looking lovely and luxe when wearing leopard, is to make sure your print doesn’t have an obvious start and end. You also should ensure that your prints are bright and sharp. Blurry prints are cheap looking.

5. Simple, medium-sized prints are best.

You don’t need an overly detailed, realistic animal print to look expensive. Nowadays, the simpler the print, the better. Medium sized animal prints also trump huge or tiny prints for a more chic look.

Final Thoughts

Animal prints are everywhere. The fashion world has jumped right in and is bathing in a sea of wild cats. If you want to keep current and on trend, you’ll need to inject some animal prints into your closest. I hope that the ideas on tips on wearing animal prints will inspire you to take the plunge if you haven’t done so already. I also hope that you find some guidance on how to wear leopard prints to look lovely and luxurious.

Remember to look lush while wearing leopard:

  1. Be bright, bold, or neutral.
  2. Avoid generic leopard prints
  3. Fabric type is important
  4. No obvious repeating patterns
  5. Simple, medium-sized prints are best

If you’ve been an animal print lover for ages, then I salute you. You’re a fierce fashionista!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve already taken a walk on the wild side and worn animal prints? Or, if you’re an animal print virgin, what’s holding you back from taking the plunge? Let me know in the comments below.

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